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Your spareparts Partner for Volvo, Saab, BMW and Mini.

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VDT On time Every Time!


Albert van der Tang Automotive Products B.V. or VDT as it is commonly known is the supplier for brandspecialists, garages and franchized dealerships whom require Volvo, Saab, BMW and Mini spareparts.  We are the partner for delivery of brake discs, brake pads, manifolds, sumpplugs, oil- air- and pollenfilters, controlarms, exhaustparts, sparkplugs and wiperblades and offer a great variety of spareparts for your benefit.  A complete view of our deliveryprogram you can find in one of our extensive catelogues.

We keep all of our program for Volvo, BMW, Mini and Saab on stock at our premises in Lelystad, which means in practice we can supply from stock to any destination in the world and within the Benelux countries the following working day.  Express deliveries are obviously possible.  Speedy deliveries when speed is of the essence.


We continously enhance our program and adapt to the requirements and wishes of our valued customers.  Our program is probably the most extensive in the world and already includes most service parts for the most recent models.  Recently we have added another 75 partnumbers bringing our total range nearly to 11.000 parts.


In order to ensure quality we do everything possible to purchase our parts from manufacturers that have a long history of supplying the automotive community in general and carmakers in particular. 
This way we can guarantee functionality and the correct properties of the part in question.


We have built strong strategic alliances with our suppliers whom are of vital importance to the succes of our deliveryprogram.


VDT, Albert van der Tang Automotive Products B.V., was established nearly 25 years ago.  Continuity, strengthening relationships and a continous growth of our program provide strong buildingblocks for the future.


Our team at VDT is well in tune with your requirements and will offer you all the service you require.
"Service is not a department at VDT but policy.”

Need some help? Email or call us + 31 (0)320 261615
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